Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confessing the Sin of an Irreligious Mind

Why do you regard such worms, O God? Why do you offer yourself to wretches like us who are ever so profane?

Lord, you are of such infinite glory, but we are vile and filled with all sort so error. With our mouths we spew forth blasphemies; with our eyes look contemptibly upon your children; with our feet we run into evil. Our hearts are bereft of praise and our thanksgiving is withheld from you who deserve eternity’s worship.

Does this not reveal the temperature of our hearts? Is not our inward man as colder than this frigid winter’s day?

Father, we confess that our lives are bent on evil and we have not given you the honor that you deserve. And we pray that you might pardon our irreligious nature and forgive us for seeking anything and everything but you.

Give us each this day a personal revival. Warm us by your grace and kindle a new zeal within us. Give us the assurance of your divine love and let us be cleansed of our sin. For this we ask in Jesus’ strong name.